3515 West Hadley Street, Milwaukee, WI 53210

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Hadley Terrace Mission Statement

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Hadley Terrace Senior Apartments provides adults aged 62 years or older, affordable, safe housing. Echoing the Salvatorian core values, Hadley Terrace promotes the dignity of each person, in an environment of care, love, and respect. At Hadley Terrace, each resident can trust that he or she will always be treated fairly and with dignity. Hadley Terrace also provides a means to improve the quality of one's life. Because Hadley terrace is also affiliated with the Housing and Urban Development, those who would not be able to afford the cost of living at Hadley Terrace are not turned away. Instead, those who are considered "poor" whether financialy, emotionally, or spiritually, still have the option to make Hadley Terrace their home. This enables Hadley terrace to foster diversity, creating opportunities to embrace those from different backgrounds, allowing residents to form new friendships and a strong sense of community, leading to the realization that they are a part of a "discipleship of equals".