3515 West Hadley Street, Milwaukee, WI 53210

Hadley Terrace Testimonials

"There are wonderful people here and we all get along. My second floor neighbors are like family."
~ Earnest C.

"I enjoy the other residents, the location, and all the activities at Hadley Terrace."
~ Pearl A.

"I like Hadley Terrace. It's safe, quiet, and the people here are wonderful. We have parking, laundry, and the apartments are comfortable. The manager is very helpful and the staff is dependable. It's like a little, close neighborhood."
~ Sister Mary Jo

"Hadley Terrace is a root within the Milwaukee area. So many wonderful people live here." ~Sister Karlyn

"To be involved with such a wonderful group of residents is really like entering a family. This is so much more than an apartment building. I would do anything possible for these residents and I am continuously learning every day on the job." ~Liz, Service Coordinator